“I am Manolo García, graphic designer and art director based in two antipodes (Spain and New Zealand). Passionate about creating brands and visual identities, packaging, publications and environmental design.

I give brands a smart and strong identity, exploring creativity to the maximum in each project. And yes, I also believe less is more.”


Originally from Seville, Spain, I have 20+ years of international design experience to my craft. Having spent the majority of my career developing innovative exhibition, cultural and didactic works for a number of Spain’s iconic cultural institutions and foundations, I have, for the past five years, applied my aesthetic sensitivity and highly creative mindset into the commercial design field as a designer – recently concluding three years as Design Director of Auckland based, VOICE Brand Agency. With New Zealand residency, I am now living and working between Madrid, Ibiza and Auckland. I am proud of my work which speaks for itself in terms of conceptual reach, freshness and quality of execution.